Celebrity sightings in New York City are too common to tally. I just walked by Eric McCormack–Will from Will & Grace–two days ago as he jogged north on 8th Avenue towards Columbus Circle. And aside from watching Ron Jeremy soak through a pair of gray sweatpants on a muggy afternoon in June outside of the Conde Nast building in Times Square several summers ago, I’ve never bothered ranking them. (He falls in at number 1, however). Until now. Today, as the doors to the downtown 1 Train closed behind me, I felt a nudge at my back to cram a bit further into the car. It was afternoon rush hour. Space was tight. I turned, subtly, and peeked an unmistakable face, one no inconspicuously tilted leather fedora and dark wrap-around shades could disguise. It was him. The man, the myth, nearly my new #1, the most linkable legend ever: Kevin Bacon.

One: the unbeatable degree of separation.