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"Writing is the only way to talk without being interrupted." -Jules Renard

For the Record

A selection of my published works

A Century Later, The U.S. Defends Its Olympic Rugby Title

August 5, 2016, for the

Nearly a century has passed since the Olympics featured rugby, and at no point has a conversation about the sport’s contemporary powerhouses included the United States.

An Island Paradise for Rugby, Honking and Skyline Views Included

November 30, 2015, for the New York Times

The New York Rugby Club has hosted its annual event on the Saturday after Thanksgiving since 1959. This year, 139 teams from across the United States, Canada, Mexico and Fiji descended on the southern tip of Randall’s Island in one of the country’s largest amateur rugby tournaments.

A Group Lifts Paraclimbers to Higher Goals

August 18, 2014, for the New York Times

For many adaptive climbers — who include people with physical, neurological and congenital conditions — competition is a conduit to greater access to facilities and to increasing the frequency of paraclimbing events.

What I’ve Learned: Dan Patrick on 30 Years of Sportscasting

June 26, 2013, for

Earlier this month, Patrick was awarded his second Sportscaster of the Year Award. He recently sat down with us to talk about the art of interviewing, handing out the Lombardi Trophy, and his all-time NBA starting five

Meet the 14-year-old Guitar Prodigy on Jimmy Fallon Last Night

June 5, 2013, for

There’s a good chance that when summer came around as a teenager, your vacations were pretty average: playing video games, kicking it at the public pool, suddenly interested in chasing girls. That is, unless you’re Quinn Sullivan.

A Life According to Glenn Hall, Part 1: Micro’s Big Dreams

March 26, 2013, for

It was never going to be that easy for Micro. Not enough talent. Not enough sponsors. For more than an unglamorous decade, he circled the globe from contest to contest, chasing the Tour like a cat stalking a laser pointer, close but never caught.

Waves For Water Helps Sandy Victims

November 12, 2012, for Action Sports

The devastation in New York was particularly acute in Long Beach and Rockaway Beach, their boardwalks pulled from their moorings like lids off of cans and slammed into homes, where the storm surge wedged cars beneath porches, and power outages persist two weeks after the storm.

In a Season Filled With Streaks, Goalie Stays on an Unsteady Course

May 4, 2012, for the New York Times

Ilya Bryzgalov signed a nine-year, $51 million contract with the Philadelphia Flyers in the off-season to help stifle the goaltending despair that has hounded the team since the departure of Ron Hextall in the late 1990s. But Bryzgalov’s first season on Broad Street has been inconsistent from opening night to the postseason.

Turning recycled foam into surfboards

April 5, 2012, for Action Sports

Sustainable Surf, a California-based environmental NGO, hopes its newest campaign will instigate the next shift in the steady evolution of board composition and design.

Sykora Catches a Second Wind With the Devils

February 16, 2012, for The New York Times

After he won his second Stanley Cup, with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2009, a concussion and a hip injury limited him to 14 games with the Minnesota Wild the next season. For Sykora, a 15-year N.H.L. veteran, retirement grew less abstract.

Pro surfer probes nuclear power plans

February 14, 2012, for Action Sports

Attention has also turned to how the plant would affect wave quality in the region. Surfers across the world travel to find waves from Cape St. Francis to Jeffrey’s Bay to Durban.

Wary of Energy Drinks in an Adrenaline Sport

January 12, 2012, for The New York Times

…Fox and Smith, close friends and professional snowboarders, recently found themselves alone on the front lines against energy drinks.

How Incubus Spent Its (Four-Year) Summer Vacation

July 12, 2011, for

The world’s most popular standard-issue rock band on growing up into a group with legitimately exciting potential. Thanks, at least in part, to Harvard.

June 22, 2011, for The New York Times “Green” blog

The N.H.L. calculated that a seven-game playoff series consumes roughly 800,000 gallons of water, from resurfacing the ice, to concessions, to flushing toilets.

With a Step Back, Chasing a Return to the N.H.L.

 March 19, 2011, for New York Times

The A.H.L. is not where Cheechoo, a right wing, was supposed to be. But meeting the high expectations that came with winning the Maurice Richard Trophy as the N.H.L.’s top goal scorer in 2005-6 proved daunting.

Surfing’s Big Money Is Coming to Long Island

February 14, 2011, for The New York Times
…despite a history reaching back to 1912, Long Island surfers hardly have the celebrity of their Pacific-riding brethren. Indeed, the entire East Coast has a reputation for producing lousy waves.

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